Visual artist

Narrativity as a degenerate process

Working unsystematically with portraits I realized that I have been loading everything with so much seriousness… What was missed in those images but fun itself? An over-rational thinking detach my objects from  the crazy stuff I used in merrier times. This ‘Accidents’ installation works as straight portraits of friends of mine as impersonators. It’s also a reflection on the internal laws of fiction and history, where the derivation of a narrated story becomes a mystifying lie, passing trough a degenerative process. Suddenly, you can place together the Hulk and Vincent van Gogh, a beheaded St. Therese, Billie Holiday and Wittgenstein, all alive and deformed as modern heroes. It looks like the misleading formative years of a generation of nearly illiterate folks, fed with mashed up information that needs to be erased at the same moment of reception, can make any historic character appealing enough for media exploitation. Anyway, this pop sandwich has become a powerful motor of narration and meaning from Neolithic times: you just juxtapose things with little or no intervention at all. These popular figures of history need to be seen today as contemporary heroes and also represented in a dramatic show in order to be understood.


The whole affair is meant to be seen as a big installation, where there will be ink drawings of the desolate place where a violent and improbable action has taken place, or where a possible philosophical confrontation has degenerated into a furious battle. You can get an idea about this project by observing the picture, or you can wait to see the proper work done (but… when?).