Visual artist

Walk before me

The Singularity project.

I guess scientists use the term singularity in situations where the known laws of the universe don’t explain a particular phenomena. It happens that there are pictures I’ve made for some reason, but I don’t know how to situate or explain. After some time in the basket, placed together in a certain context they acquire the value of a solid hypothesis. Well, it’s not the case, but you probably have now your own idea about the ‘Singularity’’ series. Just tell me! We know for certain that they are balanced compositions, shot in a cloudy day (most of them) and little else. They don’t have a precise structure nor a similar theme and initially, I erroneously tried to force the meaning of it all by placing a divine hand in every shot, trying to make an easy point. I did also a lot of pictures of reflections trying to combine two shots: the singularity shot itself and the reflection… before coming back to the original idea. Every time I add (or delete) a new picture the project evolves smoothly in a new direction.


A Christian interpretation could stand that every vulgar object in the world has its own holiness, that you can see the magnificence and at the same time the impossibility of the creation in the common and unaesthetic. The Hasidic teachings point out the sentence in The Book of Genesis, “Walk before me” , meaning that men shall be free choosing their way and that there is no previous guidance or interpretation for a lecture of life.