Visual artist

On slavery


A drawing by David Shrigley

I’ve become more and more interested in the way I am enslaved by any serialized project, by a derivative idea that manipulates me in order to complete itself. It makes me think of myself as merely a colony of isolated members, where there is no real ‘me’ but an illusion of ‘me’. Do I really have a need of using those cultural vehicles? Is it just a way of delayed neurosis? Has it something to do with prestige? Maybe a narcotic? Well… I think that the methodology of working with series has something to do with a kind of parasite slavery, and maybe a way to escape from this situation is studying a subject until you could explain it to an alien intelligence (or better, to a machine: in some years time you could do that, that’s for sure). At this point, not being a person interested in accumulation or even authorship, I’d rather jump to another subject in the chain of evolutionary nonsense.

The "Technocrat" installation by Atelier Van Lieshout

The “Technocrat” installation by Atelier Van Lieshout

Perhaps I should do something more specific about this idea…