Visual artist

Drawing with code

Defining an art style, what a gentle business for an artist. In recent years I’ve been creating images in a certain way… whenever I was near to understand what I was doing I just get bored with the subject. Then I thought that it would be kind of interesting if I could explain those art patterns, that we artists develop, to a computer. Is it possible to design anything with algorithms? If not now… in the future?.

The software could be feed with a database of images and variables that explains a (limited) style (colors, lines, relations and so on) and be programmed to create automatically the works of art mostly based in a certain random.

I started writing that program with a very simplistic software that I used with my daughter: Scratch (we designed together a very simple video game). Then I learnt some javascript to make it better.

This is a sample of the code that I wrote

This is a sample of the code that I wrote

The program creates (just with a click!) the relations between the polygons, the colors and also picks up the pictures used in the drawings. The collages created are printed automatically. The software can print trillions of them without repetitions (one per second with my iMac). I could implement the variations but I think that I made my point. What you see here are the first 13 collages. I didn’t make more because otherwise I should choose the better ones (something human by now… because of my poor coding).

I used extremely large porno pictures because the drawings are also related to the much needed desire (or desired need) of good rendering in our society…and I feel that I have already said too much.

Here you can see also some of the first real collages that I used as references initally for this project.