Visual artist

Voluntary workers

Floats above the whole project the idea of ​​avant-garde movements as volunteer workers
for a better world.
The base of the installation consists of an ordered series of large drawings of objects and buildings. Those forms reminds me the modern movement: Soviet blocks, manufactured objects, minimalist rows and mass accumulations.  They point out a number of critical associations that maybe can be read as a commentary on Robert Venturi in his studies on urban development of Las Vegas: Learning from Las Vegas.  b_co_co_tenants_11w

There graphite technique of some drawings creates images impossible to photograph. They have to be observed directly (as if it were a daguerreotype … or an all back picture by Ad Reinhardt ) .
The second important element , the photographs , reproduces abstract elements of the world around us : blocks, structures … subconscious remnants of the degradation of the world. Abstract forms of constructivism, Bauhaus … all with a taste totalitarian brutality. The photographs have been manipulated slightly to look even more abstract .
A third element consists of a ball pen installation called: “Voluntary Slaves”.