Visual artist

Minimal patterns. Processing sketchs

I share a couple of works done with the Processing software  and published in the Openprocessing platform. They are just an approximation to the possibilities of algorithmic creation of patterns. I came to this thinking on a previous project of mine that used this kind of patterns: Accidents/Catastrophes.

This code generates a canvas with a random black and white pattern based in rectangles and columns.
Pressing some keys we can control the size of every variable (width, height, size, inclination…):
“q”-“a”, “w”-“s”, “e”-“d”, “r”-“f”, “t”-“g”, “y-“h”, “u”-“j”
When pressed “p” it saves a TIFF file of the image.

This code generates the same but when any key is pressed the code calculates new sizes of the variables.

On endurance/The Hornbill Rap

This morning at the zoo. A perfect match of music performers on an endless loop. A couple of singing hornbills doing the thing they are supposed to do.

The World Is not There

I’ve beginning to work in a series of photographs intended to feed a Processing software that I should write this season. I will publish the pictures in this Pinterest album and if the results are minimally appealing I will publish the algorithmic works in my web later under the title name: The World Is not There.

Follow Paco’s board The World Is not There (working images) on Pinterest.

I would like to think that the software will handle the pictures the way the old Ramon Llull invention: a cybernetic construction from the XIII century able to convert muslims and jews into christians. A machine thought to give all the explanations. I’m not that ambitious. My machine pretends to characterise any given pictures randomly. This random process deforms or tint minimally the picture. My pictures try to catch some relationship with the world but they fail. Now that the project is started I feel that my aim is simply focusing from style to simply choice. What can be added to them by the machine? You wait and see.
The World Is not There 16

The World Is not There #16