Visual artist

The Body Artist

This code of mine generates a canvas of between 2700 and 3500 pixels. It is written with Processing.
The code picks at random from a database of images 6 cropped pictures forming an abstract man and a frame with a color gradient at the background. I tried to grab directly from google the images, but my code powers are quite limited. It also changes the background based in a particular color of a picture.
When any key is pressed the code calculates new positions of new loaded pictures.
When mouse pressed saves a TIFF.
You can download here the software and make yourself a couple of thousand of collages for your boyfriend (in case you don’t like the muscles pictures you can place at the proper DATA folder pictures of flowers or anything else).

I promise to write the next project (the good one!) using a proper syntax with classes.

Enjoy them.

body_14_1 body_14_2 body_14_3 body_14_4 body_14_5

Humanness explained to an alien

Some drawings from my summer moleskines. I won’t use again the square format because the paper is too thin.
molesk_paco_box_14I was thinking about a collection of medium size drawings on ideas around mighty Beckett.
I guess I won’t do any stuff with this sketches any time soon so I will spread some of them here.
I began explaining humanness to an alien. Just like that. My daughter successfully helped me to do so.
Then I visualised the sentences using only a limited set of objects and materials: bricks, porex, aluminium foil, boxes… kind of poor but powerful things.