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The World Is Not There: First Coded Images

It’s been a while but finally I begun to have some coded images for my Processing project (see previous blog entry here). I’ve been publishing the data pictures in this Pinterest album: The World Is not There.

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The first processing lines are going to be here and anyone can use them the way they like.

Twint #41I should write many functions: how to blurred some parts of the image from a random alpha channel, how to skew the photographs, how to tint them (the image of this article uses a function that create a color ramp, between other processes) , how to transpose them…

I will published the finished pictures here.

The project itself is not a collection of pictures but the software. I am designing and artist, not a given image.

Just by chance. I found a folded poster in a shop boutique. The separation between the image and the front plastic created a false blur in the eye. The true magic was that I was looking for a similar effect through a complex code, so this one has not been edited by the machine.twint_14_temp64


Sketch book. May-September 2015

Sketch book. May-September 2015

Before getting rid of my last moleskine sketchbook I photographed all of the pages. I upload here the whole book (September-May…