Visual artist

Minimal patterns. Processing sketchs

I share a couple of works done with the Processing software  and published in the Openprocessing platform. They are just an approximation to the possibilities of algorithmic creation of patterns. I came to this thinking on a previous project of mine that used this kind of patterns: Accidents/Catastrophes.

This code generates a canvas with a random black and white pattern based in rectangles and columns.
Pressing some keys we can control the size of every variable (width, height, size, inclination…):
“q”-“a”, “w”-“s”, “e”-“d”, “r”-“f”, “t”-“g”, “y-“h”, “u”-“j”
When pressed “p” it saves a TIFF file of the image.

This code generates the same but when any key is pressed the code calculates new sizes of the variables.


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