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Sketch book. Summers 2015, 2016 and February-Juny 2017

This sketchbook has been horsing around on and off during the last two summers. It’s kind of miscellaneous and the size is Din A4. This size demanded a powerful line and I enjoyed it a lot. Most of the big drawings has been done with a thick rapidograph but I hardly can feel it in the pictures here… maybe in the thick felt pen of a life drawing session of the pages 61-62. Eventually I attached some collages (pag. 68 and 70) and even I painted with gouache (pag. 71-72 and 39-40). This wonderful paper has it all.

sketchbook_15-17-a4w-1 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-2 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-3 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-4 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-5 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-6 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-7 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-8 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-9 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-10 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-11 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-12 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-13 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-14 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-15 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-16 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-17 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-18 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-19 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-20 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-21 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-22 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-23 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-24 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-25 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-26 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-27 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-28 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-29 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-30 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-31 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-32 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-33 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-34 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-35 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-36 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-37 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-38 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-39 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-40 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-41 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-42 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-43 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-44 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-45 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-46 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-47 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-48 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-49 sketchbook_15-17-a4w-50


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